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Safeguarding 24

Protecting your learning community

Report Concerns Online to your Organisation

Do you need a simple method for your users to report concerns as soon as they arise?

Safeguarding 24 allows your users, e.g. students and staff, to report any safeguarding concerns they have while they are still online. Examples of potential concerns include:

The reported message of concern will be sent to a designated representative in your organisation (for example, a safeguarding officer) and can include a screenshot of the users current browser window if desired.

The Safeguarding 24 system does not store the reports or screenshots and no personal information is kept from the user. The details of the message are immediately sent to the designated contact in a secure email. It is ideal for schools and colleges when students and staff are on-site and/or working at home making increasing use of online learning technologies. It can also help your institution meet it's obligations regarding the safeguarding of your users.

Each item in the drop-down list on the reporting form can now be associated with a different email address. For example, you may want your users to choose which campus they are at, or their year group, or a reason why they are submitting the report (e.g. online bullying, inappropriate behaviour, concern for someone). Each option can have an email address assigned to it so the report goes directly to the relevant person. (6th Jan 2022)

Users accessing the Safeguarding 24 web form (e.g. mobile phone users) can now take photos using the devices cameras directly in the form. The photo will be attached to the report and sent to your safeguarding team securely. This great new feature for capturing evidence is available to all users of subscribed organisations. (21st Jan 2022)

Everyone accessing the Safeguarding 24 web form (including mobile users) can now attach their location information to the report that gets sent to your safeguarding team. This can be really useful to show where the sender was at the exact time any concerns or incidents happen. It will use GPS coordinates if available, or WiFi location if supported. (21st Jan 2022)

Safeguarding 24 is now available in the Ukrainian language. Due to the current situation in the country and the importance of protecting and staying in touch with displaced students and staff, we have decided to provide the Safeguarding 24 service FREE to all educators in Ukraine. Please contact us for more details. (30th Mar 2022)

You can now include an attached file as evidence with your report of concern. This could be a file you have been sent, or a screenshot of your web browser or another app on a mobile device. (23rd May 2022)

Improved Google account authentication. This includes better support for Apple mobile devices, quicker logging in and better support for users who switch between multiple Google accounts (e.g. for both school work and personal Gmail). (10th Feb 2023)

Use your flash-light when taking pictures as evidence. On supported devices, e.g. Android phones, you can now turn your torch on & off when using the camera from inside Safeguarding 24. (10th Feb 2023)

Better camera focusing. Improved auto-focus when using your devices camera to attach photos as evidence on supported devices. (10th Feb 2023)


Safeguarding 24 is a cloud-based system, meaning you will always be using the most up-to-date version of the software and have access to any new features as soon as they become available. It can give peace-of-mind to education leaders, teachers, students and parents knowing that users can report concerns easily as soon as they arise.

Reporting a Concern

There are three ways to make use of the Safeguarding 24 reporting system; the browser extension, our dedicated reporting webpage, and an embedded form on your own website. Your organisation must subscribe in order to access the full functionality of the software. A licence can be secured from our strategic partner C-Learning via - or email -

When first submitting a report the user must authenticate themselves using their school, college, university or organisation's Google or Microsoft account. This is to prevent misuse and to enable the system to know which organisation they belong to and therefore where to send the report.

Method 1: The Browser Extension

This is a very small and efficient add-on for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The extension is available for free from the Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Edge Add-Ons Store and our website. Your users can install it themselves using simple instructions, or it can be pushed out to Chrome browsers automatically using the Google Admin Console. This is the preferred method as it will automatically appear in their browser when they log into their school/college/organisation Google account.

The benefits of using the browser extension include:

Click on the screenshots below to see how a report of concern is sent using the browser extension.

Safeguarding 24 - browser extension login
Safeguarding 24 - the form
Safeguarding 24 - take a screenshot
Safeguarding 24 - confirmation

Method 2: Our Dedicated Website Form

You can point users to a dedicated URL on our website to post reports. This can be bookmarked by users on their desktop or mobile devices for quick access. This method cannot capture a screenshot of the users current browser window, but does not require a plugin to be installed and will work in all modern web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

Users accessing Safeguarding 24 using their web browser (e.g. mobile phone users) can also to take a photo with their device, which automatically gets attached to the report from within the web form. Users can also attach their current location (using GPS or WiFi location if supported and available) to pinpoint where the report was sent from. A great use for this new feature is if someone feels unsafe travelling to or from the organisation and wants to "check-in" with the safeguarding team to show exactly where they were. An additional file can also now be attached to your report, for example a file you have been sent or a screenshot of your mobile web browser or other app.

Safeguarding 24 - dedicated form

You can embed our button image here on your own web pages to link to the form by using the following HTML code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

You can also save and include this QR code on posters or printed materials for users to scan with mobile devices to quickly access the form:

Method 3: Embed the Form on Your Website

By adding a single line of code to existing web pages or your Intranet site, users can submit a report via your own web site. As with our dedicated website form, it cannot capture a screenshot of the user's current browser window like our browser extension can, but it requires no special plugin to be installed. The embedded form will work in all modern desktop and mobile web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Mobile Chrome (for Android), Mobile Safari (for iPhone) etc.
Safeguarding 24 - embedded form

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="250" frameborder="0" allow="camera; geolocation"></iframe>

For full functionality, your own webpage should be accessed via https. This makes the connection secure so features such as the camera and GPS are allowed by the browser.

NOTE: In some situations, security constraints in the web browser or parent web page (where the iframe is embedded) may prevent user authentication information from being passed through. If this occurs, a link is automatically provided to the dedicated website form so the visitor can still use Safeguarding 24.

Monthly Reports

Your designated recipient of reports (usually your safeguarding officer or team) will receive a monthly report by email containing the number of reports sent in your organisation, broken down by the category they chose from the drop-down list. This list of categories can be chosen by you, so could be a list of year groups, reasons for sending the report (e.g. bullying, social media incident, behaviour during a video call) etc.

Safeguarding 24 - monthly report

About Us

Safeguarding 24 is part of the Statistics 24 Ltd family, founded by Neil King and Jamie Smith, both of whom worked in the education sector for many, many years.

Neil King - Coding and technical stuff.
Software engineer, games designer, and an active player in the IT industry for decades. Applications creator for multiple sectors including education, automotive, child safety, medical and gaming. Generally regarded as a technical wizard.

Jamie Smith - All things business related. Executive Chairman of a Google Premier Partner. TEDx speaker 'Education in the Digital Age', author of 'Making Money from Stocks and Shares', Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, blogger and lifelong supporter of Unicef. Believes passionately that education is the only solution to all of the world's problems and huge fan of all things Googley.

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